Conhpol dynamic on the fair Magic Show

Then on February 21 – 23, 2017, we ventured out of Poland once again, this time round to make yet another brave attempt at conquering the global markets – destination Magic Show Las Vegas.

Magic Show Las Vegas rates as one of the principal fashion events in the world. Over  60,000 manufacturers involved in the fashion industry visited the world’s gambling and entertainment capital to show off their best products.

Conhpol Dynamic also had an opportunity to proudly present its collection of footwear for the autumn/winter 2017/2018 season. Even though our line of products was generally kept in a quiet, classic style, it still stood out thanks to creatively combining some select, high-quality components in a rather non-obvious way, thus making them extra high on visual appeal. Apart from impeccable craftsmanship which has always been the Conhpol Dynamic’s byword for excellence through and through.

A big thank-you to all the visitors at our stand. Please feel free to come over and see us again next year.