The CONHPOL story goes all the way back to 1978, when Mr Henryk Konopka, the founder of the brand, started up his shoe-making operations in Stanisław Dolny. Nowadays, after 40 years in business, CONHPOL still retains its family venture  character, very much owing its market success to hard work, consistent attention to overall quality of its footwear, true openness to global fashion trends, and taking excellent care of its customers.

In 1999, the Conhpol Dynamic brand was established which closely co-operates with Conhpol, Conhpol Relax, and Conhpol Bis brands. Our offer comprises  men’s casual footwear; all our products are made of the highest quality materials, very much in line with the latest global trends, as well as to the designs developed by  the in-house stylists.

The products offered by Conhpol and Conhpol Dynamic brands are well appreciated both domestically and abroad. The Company regularly attends the largest international footwear trade fairs, e.g. Dusseldorf, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Milan and Las Vegas. We also open the branded outlets which seem to be steadily gaining in popularity among our customers.